Fuck ICE in America and Fuck Trump

I agree, it's sickening. Trump is the worst thing that ever happened to this country and I'm not sorry for saying it. In a perfect world he would lose the next election but he's got too many people willing to kiss his ass as you can see in the comments and he's got too many yes men willing to sign off on whatever he wants.

He fires anyone who disagrees with him or tries to call him out on his b.s. He runs the country like it's a season of the apprentice. He's a textbook example of a narcissist. Angry at anyone who dares to question his authority and gets rid of anyone who dares to remove his mask. Oh and let's not forget how he launches investigations into these same people. It's a sad time in America and I have no illusions about us going through 4 more years of this nightmare.

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