Fuck society.

If you think society sucks now, wait and see how you get treated as a homeless person. Not naysaying, just wanted to point out something I think people are missing here. People HATE van dwellers. Like, aggressively so. Everybody treats you like you're getting away with something horrible and like it's really putting them out personally somehow. Cops harass you everywhere you go, and tweakers target you b/c they know the cops won't do anything. It is illegal to camp pretty much everywhere, so it's technically illegal to be homeless, which is pretty ridiculous. What really irks me is that if you're polite, clean, and reasonable, you end up getting fucked with more because nobody wants to deal with the crazy person down the street. If somebody has a problem with something you're doing, the last thing they're going to do is talk to you in person. If they did, you'd probably be courteous and comply with their wishes. That's no fun. People would much rather call the police behind your back and watch you get harassed. People are vindictive like that. I've had people create fictitious, official looking documents that said I was going to be arrested and my vehicle impounded.

Anyway, welcome to life as a defenseless target for society's addiction to scapegoating. I don't mean to naysay; I've been van dwelling for 11 years now. But it's not easier than having a job and a place to live. It's actually harder, and people won't give you any credit for that. Your private property is your shelter from society. Without private property you are at the whim of society (not to mention a sponsor of the petroleum companies). Sorry for being a Debbie Downer, just needed to rant a bit.

Oh and get good at shitting in a plastic bag while simultaneously peeing into a jar. Something everyone should know how to do IMO.

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