I fucked up.. code red..advice?

I really appreciate a lot of that information, and I didn't realize how people actually get busted. Friends talking and them already have a lead on me makes sense. I didn't appreciate the condensation though, as I am an adult and I have been to jail which is why I'm extra paranoid. Clearly I made a mistake and shouldn't trust anyone. The person the tub is with now I CAN trust fully without going into it..

Also are you certain that the cops would come and interrogate me at my door before anything? If so then if they don't show up within the next couple of weeks would you say that puts me in the clear? I mean obviously this friend could snitch any time he wanted, but to your knowledge does it usually start with a knock on the door rather than a foot to the door?

I'm going to halt everything for now. But it just seems like if a year goes by and nothing happens I should be good to go? I mean I only had ONE friend, this guy. And I didn't know any of his friends and they didn't know me, so them saying oh I know this guy though a guy seems like not enough evidence for a cop to get a warrant

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