Fucked up pretty badly. Parents want to strangle me.

Stress to them just how right they actually were. And how long you were. And really seems that when you start driving you are ready to go out and drive a lot and take four of your friends with you crammed into the car or something. Driving is more complicated than that. There are so many situations that arise, and they know it from experience. They have seen cars up here from out of nowhere. They know if you're driving on a straight section of road with no cars you'll be fine. But it doesn't work like that. They know that. You didn't know that. You couldn't see it. And they were really worried about you.

They didn't want you to die. You could have died. This accident wasn't so serious, but it could have been a really serious one. Someone could have pulled out and you could have swerved and smashed into a tree and died. It doesn't seem possible but it is.

So stressed this to them. Stress how right they were and tell them how blind you are because of your inexperience. Really make the most of this lesson. I suppose that doesn't mean just do what your parents tell you exactly as they say. But it does mean making it clear that you understand something really important: that you have blind spots. Just like a car has blind spots, you know? You have this blind spot of not being able to see all the shit that can happen.

Find a really good paper about the stats of teen drivers. As you probably know, they are really bad. Print out the whole paper and read it. Then give it to your parents and say, I read this, and I don't want to die. Thank you for caring enough about me and not wanting me or my friends to die.

That's what is really behind their role for you in the first place. And the truth is, you are in so much danger all the time. When you walk out the door, they worried. They can't help it. But maybe and you can start to worry more. The more you worry the more they'll understand that you understand. It's not fun to worry that much, true, but it could save your life, and that's what they want.

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