I was a fugitive on the run when I was 18. I got arrested by homeland security when I turned myself in. AMA

Backstory: For most of my childhood, I was a straight A, great student. Then I had some serious shit happen in my life & I turned to heavy drugs. Started with coke when I was 16. Graduated to crystal meth when I was 18. When I was 18 I ended up overdosing on a mix of uppers and downers & had 911 called on me. Ambulance came and so did the police. I was 18, it was my first time offense, and I told them I would get clean. But despite all of that, evidence was staked against me because I was caught with drug ledger and a hefty amount of drugs and cash proving intent to deliver. I was looking at a mandatory 80% of a 6 year minimum. I decided to leave my state and fled to Canada where I got clean, and enrolled in university.

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