The full five minute clip of Ben Shapiro vs Iowa State student

Bro, you use way way too many words to not say a whole lot. My original point was, you said from serious articles, it seems like this is the general consensus of a definition. I was asking for another example.

If you had said, here's one person's definition, I wouldn't have said anything. But you appealed to authority by making it seem like multiple people were saying something similar.

So which is it? Did you find any other articles defining it similarly or not?

My opinion isn't more valid than yours. But when defining a subjective word, there can be a consensus, like you alluded too. What you said was the perfect way to go about it. Hey, I perused a few serious takes on the definition, and this seems to be the general framework of a definition. It's a beautiful way to approach it. But then you went and threw that away by using only one source, and one that fit your preconceived bias. I googled it myself, and it is not even close to being a common way to describe wokeism. So it's not that my opinion is more valid. I used the same approach you did, without the lying.

Also, if all your harassment claims are based on reddit, get a grip man. Downvotes and being banned from subs doesn't matter. Examples of downvotes are not examples of harassment. So going through your history won't show anything.

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