Full Hidden Hand Interview: For the Uninitiated (WAKE UP)

I was going to say more but it feels weird putting out here. I do struggle with idea of switching. I was given a three dreams in one night about past lives. One was a radically different time period and had context that would have been impossible for me to know at my very young age. Of course I don't want to see myself super nasty. I was born into dark and was the only voice of truth and reason in that setting. I feel like the information I have about my limits is true and false. I think it's a puzzle. I know that all of the negative experiences created who I am and with each one I rejected a false idea and the associated behavior eventually. Most blockades do not resurface once I learn not to react or the correct reaction. I feel frustrated because I don't see other people who still hold those false ideas being held accountable or being tested on them when they are so abundantly permeated and sometimes widely accepted, even seen as normal. But I have work to do. I have no spiritual discipline, just read about people who do. Thank you for talking to me. You have been very supportive in ways you couldn't possibly know. I hope others have a similar benefit.

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