Full video of what transpired regarding Catholic High students and Native drummer

All it takes these days is someone recording you on their phone, saying "But this person is BAD!" and watch the shitstorm ensue. And most of these people never admit they're wrong, they just change the argument. "Well he may have been innocent but this is still a discussion worth having!"

You think when people, including this stupid website (b-b-but the SJWs on Reddit told me SJWs don't exist, or if they do, it's only on Tumblr!) threw a FIT when the Chipotle manager kicked out the black kids for being KNOWN dine n dashers (lemme rephrase this. THIEVES.) that any of them turned around and apologized or had ANY introspection about their actions when it turned out yes, these people dine n dashed multiple times and even bragged about it on social media? Of course not. As the old saying goes, don't let facts get in the way of a good story.

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