Full video of what transpired regarding Catholic High students and Native drummer

I will point out, that while there wasn't an instance of "build the wall" or "Trump 2020" in this video, it doesn't mean it didn't happen. As per OP's analysis and the video, it started out almost celebratory but things turned more tense as the kids realized the drumming was a message to them. At this point the camera is no longer in the middle of the action and is focusing on the Black Israelites. Audio from what's going on in the citclr is impossible to hear, you can barely even hear the drums because of how bad the audio is.

All it would take is a couple of half second shouts from the crowd and Phillips would be 100% accurate in saying it happened. It's so difficult to parse the nuance of this event in sound bites. In a media consumption climate of short attention span, the treatment of this event is simultaneous shitty, understandable, but mostly depressing.

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