Full video of what transpired regarding Catholic High students and Native drummer

The natives then approach. The group of black Israelites eggs on the confrontation. From the video it appears as if the natives are approaching the teens almost looking for conflict because they identify them by their MAGA hats. They don’t appear to be associated with the hate preachers. The native drummer approaches the kids and gets in their face.

I watched this video and I don’t know what you’re referring to here. Can you be specific about where this happens?

At ~1:09:00 the crowd is focused on the black israeli group. A minute later they start chanting, and the cameraman turns the camera on himself to say a few words. When he turns it back, the crowd is focused on someone in the background, presumably the native man. It is not clear at all how this change of focus transitioned based on what I saw in this video.

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