I fully understand the American tourist illegally touched foot on North Sentinel Island, but why are they so hesitant to recover his body? Other than the 3 mile buffer zone and the immunity factors, is it not possible to send over an army of authorities to recover him?

India is a land of tribes. What you think of as Indian people are mostly Caucasoid immigrants as with America. Except where in America this happened a couple of hundred years ago, in India this happened over thousands of years. So, Indians themselves are almost all partially tribal, and most are very sympathetic to tribal protection. The country is rapidly developing, a nuclear power with one of the most powerful militaries in the world, nuclear submarines, and a spacecraft in orbit around the moon. A hundred stone age Islanders pose no hurdle. However, mainland Indians are also deeply genetically related to them (in fact they are the original neolithic Indians, who once populated much of the Indian subcontinent, technically, mtDNA M with ASI ancestry without ANI ancestry - these are the last remaining people in India who are ASI without ANI) and the country has an internal ethic to preserve diversity. Where you might see primitive tribals, most Indians see other genetically-related Indians who are both immune-compromised and want to be left the hell alone. This is why the buffer zone was established and the tribe was given the defacto legal right to kill anyone who lands on the island. There is no interest in India in recovering this idiot's body.

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