Fun fact: Cheetahs cant roar so instead they meow similar to house cats.

Oh fuck off. Reread what I wrote. What "bullshit and lies" are you seeing me spreading so desperately? I hardly said anything at all. Seriously, reread my comment.

They're an animal.


it will happily spend it's day relaxing and eating the food you put in front of it.


It's fast because it has to be to catch it's food.

True again

It's not doing it for the fun of being fast, it just wants some antelope.

Still true.

You don't have to agree with me but genuinely reread what I've written here and explain how anything I said here is not correct. I'm not arguing about the validity of putting animals in cages or enclosures I'm specifically talking about the one part of the comment I quoted. How is that difficult to understand?

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