Funeral update

I’m sorry for your loss, but happy you had fun at the funeral(s)! The best funerals are the ones you can have a laugh at: my granny was near 95 years old, and the family sprang out from everywhere! We couldn’t get in the house for the rosary, and despite her telling me not to cry (last chat on the phone was her telling me she never liked me, her granddaughter, but my god, I raised some good kids and I better keep it up), I feckin broke down when the coffin was carried past me. No hard feelings about the preferences, my older brother and my cousin who’s 6 days “taller” than me (also male), were her favourites. I have dozens of other cousins, all the same complaint, granny loved those 2 most. But I had the best great grandchildren. She also told them all that, I found out after! But she was entitled y’know her opinion, and by god did she voice it! And that’s good, we all had a good laugh, we all had a good funeral, and granny had the last laugh. Don’t be worrying about the sarcasm and the “in jokes”. You did your thing, you had your fun. Funerals are about those left behind. It’s up to us to make the memories and keep them.

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