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Funimation has pulled Interspecies Reviewers

Funimation has pulled Interspecies Reviewers

Some people will blame sjws for this. I have a hard time believing that when Funi has anime like High School DxD, Shinmai Maou and Valkyrie Drive Mermaid under its belt and free to watch.

As for #Outrage? Honestly, I barely saw anything on Twitter about this. Most people either ignored it outright or were loving it. There were some people rolling their eyes or using the puke emoji, but reception's been exceedingly positive for this show.

This moreso reeks of incompetency from Funimation who probably, imo, didn't expect the anime to dial it up to 11.

The first 2 episodes are honestly nothing 'too' extreme, but then episode 3 hits and shit hits the absolute fan, basically reclassifying this series as an almost hentai, and the corporate fat cats at Funi didn't want their name slapped on a "Pretty much hentai".

Honestly, that's just 'my' guess. Episode 3 surprised everyone to be frank, the manga is so, soo tame compared to this.

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