it is funny to me that fred van fucking vleet gets more respect than 2 time mvp steph curry.

I’m a firefighter. Did you hear me? A firefighter. Your little fucking stupid oven heats some dumbass oil up too hot and starts a fire and guess who comes to help? Me. I’m a firefighter and I do it because I care. I care about real human lives, unlike you. You only care about your oven meat. I’m the guy who puts his life on the line to put water on fire for an extended period of time and rescue your pet iguana or whatever. You ungrateful cunt, you absolutely disgusting cretin..I’m a firefighter and I need to SHAVE. It’s important for me to to shave and shave a LOT!!!!! And If I don’t use Gillette....I could die. So next time you’re thinking about rushing me before I have the time to shave my brittle skin, think about the fact that I need to shave in order to survive. Ok, you little fuck?

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