It's funny that people attack Biden for mentioning working with segregationists. They act like that was so long ago. In the year I was born, Strom Thurmond was still a senator!

Ive found this increasingly common on lefter and progressive circles when going against what they want to be established orthodoxy in political platforming.

There was a write-up on Trumps tweets about NASA. Trump basicly said NASA shouldnt focus on climate change but should be trying to send people to Mars, of which the moon is a part.

Politics of climate science aside (Trump is wrong obviously) but the writeup went into almost conservative parody of "hur dur Orange man bad liberal screeching" to portray Trump as an idiot for thinking the Moon is a part of Mars. With long science explanations of how the Moon is in fact from a celestial body colliding with earth.

Except anyone could obviously see Trump meant moon missions are a part of putting men on Mars. And youd have to be self lobotomized to think the tweet was anything other than an awkward phrasing to meet Twitter character limits.

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