FURIA statement regarding the contract report

Here's a Google Translate with very few revisions to make it more accurate

A website ran a report today with pieces of an unsigned document claiming that it would be FURIA's old contract with our players.

Contrary to what the journalist says, we were not contacted to comment on the report, so we make this statement.

Those pieces of documents do not correspond to our old contracts, nor to the newly negotiated contracts. The "sources" of the news are very ill-informed, or ill-intentioned.

The remuneration of our athletes is much higher than the US$1,400 reported without any foundation. Most of it [the remuneration] is based on ranking, starting with Top 30 and breaking into various categories up to Top 1. In the face of the incredible performance of our team they receive significant values. High enough to make them resist the offers of other teams and renew their contracts with Fury for unprecedent 5 years! Players' buyouts are proportional to their remuneration and, as well as the apportionment of the prizes, correspond to that practiced in the market.

FURIA is working fully, in total harmony with its players, employees, sponsors and especially with its purposes.

Our growth will continue. We will continue to value everyone around us, including our fans, as we have always done. This is the model FURIA to be, an organization that was born in Brazil and over time will shine at the top of several world rankings.

We are much more than a team, or teams, we are a family, united by the competition, by the adrenaline, by the daily evolution before an unconditional effort that infects all around us.

May the next conquests come,

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