It's one hell of an ugly movie. The cinematography is an eyesore. The lighting, the colors, just staggeringly ugly considering it's a huge Hollywood film. The constant use of Bay style twirly cam to make things seem dynamic doesn't help. Nor does the speed ramping, again to make things seem dynamic. The scene transitions and establishing shots are laughable. It does become borderline funny at some points, like the overuse of the word family. Or Diesel saying the same thing several times, just because the screenwriters apparently couldn't even be bothered to come up with new sentences. Try to count how often some of these things occur. It's absurd. There is this nifty little thing they do with the camera early on when a guy is smashed into the ground. It's not new but it's pretty fun. They proceed to do it at least five more times after that. That's less fun. The plot is dumb and silly, why they even hook with Russell is anyone's guess (other than that it gives the movie a chance to plug Corona), the soapy aspects and clumsy flashbacks doesn't help. During these very bad bits the camera is still twirling. Nothing needs action camera like a phone conversation about love. And family. There's several bad effects shots during the big action scenes. The acting... Well, you know. Jordana Brewster is in this film. It's also way too long with a weak climax and a worthless badguy (there's actually two badguys, but honestly the film doesn't care and neither should you).

So yes, it is not a good movie, it's just low rent Bond or MI movie with lots and lots of cars because of reasons.

It's a F&F film.

The two big set pieces in the middle of the film are genuinely fun, if you can look past some clumsy camera work and the not always effective effects, so in that sense it delivers. That girl from Misfits and Game of Thrones is very hot, so in that sense it delivers too. The Rock is a muscly guy... Corona, it's refreshing... There's lots of delivering going on.

If it had been half an hour shorter it would've been lot more tolerable.

It will be a huge hit.

And I didn't hate it. You can't hate stuff like this.

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