"A furry became an intern for NASA and got instantly fired after telling someone on their council to suck their dick because this is 2018."

The analogy was meant to say that the lack of lasting consequences makes the lesson have less weight to it.

Being incredibly offensive to a stranger (let alone an elder) who has done you no wrong is incredibly fucked up LET ALONE someone who is incredibly important in the business you wish to be a part of. And it's not like this is her one shot and her life is in shambles otherwise. People have been turned away for a hell of a lot less. Technical proficiency is part of the hiring process, but social climate is another big part. They want to make sure you'll fit in with the company and not be a prick. I'm sure there's an equally as proficient person who didn't get that position, who probably wouldn't greet strangers with "suck my dick and balls".

Also it's okay for people to make mistakes yeah, but the bigger the mistake the bigger the consequences should be. I'm mainly just aggravated that in this day and age people out there think it's completely acceptable to talk to other people like this. And not even in an anonymous setting, but on a public and identified platform for all to see.

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