Furry multi-AMA!

Cool - I've got a kinda unique story!

I'm 30, male, gay, living in Canada.

I discovered furries online back in 1998, when I was 13 years old. Back then, dragons were a separate community (afd) - so it was mostly dragons I met, and I spent a lot of time on IRC and MUCKs. I ended up getting most of my Jr High friends into it too, and we had our own little furry clique at our school.

Once I went to high school, most of my friends went to different schools so I was more or less on my own. So I downloaded the complete curriculum guide from the school board and decided to game the system to earn as many credits as I could, as quick as possible. I ended up graduating two years early (age 16), so I immediately went to college. I ended up hating it, everyone was way older than I was and things were suuuper boring.

I dropped out, worked a year at a crummy job to save up some money - and then bought a small apartment condo with a furry roommate. Later that year I started my first business (at age 18), which slowly grew and took over more and more of my life until I was working seven days a week, usually really long days. For the next eight years I completely neglected the furry community (aside from the porn of course).

About four years ago (when I was 26), I got really bored of running the business. By that point I had about 17 staff, and enough qualified managers in place that I didn't have to do much work. So I put everything I owned into storage, rented out my apartment, and left to travel the world for a year. I made it about three months in until I got super lonely, so I set up a Pounced profile and looked for random furry hookups (at the time I was in the UK).

I got a message from another fur back in Canada, who seemed super awesome - so I flew over to meet him. We ended up getting along really well, so I more or less moved in - and we've been together ever since. Because he lived in a different city than my business, I was kinda looking for an out of that. That opportunity came about two years ago (when I was 28), when my largest competitor put an offer out for the business. After some haggling, I sold it for $2.5M (split between myself and my business partner) - and that let me finally live full-time with my mate.

Only after that did I have time to really start to get back into the furry community proper. Since then, my mate and I have been going to a lot of cons, we have fursuits, host a lot of furry room parties and house parties, and we are really having a great time.

I'm a really frequent poster on this subreddit, but I used a throwaway for this one because I wanted to tell the whole story and I always get a ton of creepy PMs because of the financial details when I post this story. I'd rather like to stay anonymous for that reason : P

But ask me anything that doesn't give up my identity!

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