[Fusions] 3-2-1 is a bad idea in my opinion, I feel like a better direction is more frequent balance updates like the recent ptr ones, and/or experimenting and limit testing with hero bans on ptr. Would add an overall fresher feeling without trying to force triple dps chaos.

They are tanks and supports after all, not dps.

Tanks and Supports have always been bad when stacked together. Quad Tank happened because Ana enabled insane sustain on 4 Tanks allowing them to tickle out damage to eachother while only being able to be a threat to DPS. Ignoring basic balance and even metas is why your argument is fucking stupid because Tanks and Supports have never been OP on their own, they require multiple of themselves to be OP. 222 was needed for years because this basic bitch thought could have prevented multiple bad metas.

The issue is that the alternative is that Tanks and Supports aren't playing an FPS or even a game at all and are just enabling other people, namely DPS to play the game and feels like ass. Why play Tank at all when the game literally only caters to DPS players with every single balance change and update?

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