The future of Christhianism

I think Europe will stop being Christian and a new religion will develop

Europe without Christianity is garbage. Christianity spread throughout Europe because it was literally designed to.

St Patrick's day was yesterday but I'll use it. Ireland was like a stone age Somalia before Christianity. St Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland, and it was such a shithole he went back, like Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction when he escapes the cellar, even though the other guy wanted to kill him.

America should have reigned in its culture after the cold war ended. The whole point was to make the west look like a big party in order to win over the soviet peoples. Instead they just doubled down. Britney Spears was very popular but she was also sexualised as a child, yes a teenager is a child. This creates cognitive dissonance because so many Irish people stopped going to church because of the pedophilia accusations. At the same time Jimmy Saville was being knighted.

I don't believe what Zeihanists like WIAH say about urbanisation and birth rates. Cairo is far worse than any European city, as are arid countries.

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