Well okay: I wrote down all my political opinions into a Google Doc. It's long, and in certain areas poorly written. However, it is detailed and does give you a very good idea of my stances on things. If you'd like I'll TL:DR it for you if you don't wanna read it. But here it is:

Healthcare: In the U.S we need a socialized system similar to the U.K with the NHS. We spend the most money per person on health yet we have one of the worst first world healthcare systems. I believe all that money should be pooled into an American NHS system. However, I do believe in the right to private healthcare. Private institutions should continue to exist, and if you go private you should be allowed to have a reduced medical tax rate. I also believe there should be a medicine monetary cap, as in, a limit to how much a drug or medicine can be sold for; comparative to creation cost. Like for instance, a drug that costs $4 to make should not be more than say, $16. Because currently many private institutions spend $4 making it, then price it for $1,200.

Education: Same deal as healthcare, should be subsidized by the government entirely- this includes all forms of higher level education. However, private institutions should still be allowed to exist.

Welfare status: I lean both ways on this one. I believe anybody, no matter when, should have the right to go on welfare if they are under a certain tax bracket and or unemployed for an indefinite amount of time. But, during their time on welfare they have to do government work (unless they're disabled, that'd fall under a different category- no work). Jobs that work with the local government, or something to benefit the local community. Possibly something like trash collection, or gardening, or mowing- general physical labor jobs. You should be required to do at-least 20 hours a week. That way you'll reduce unemployment, and help the local community. Win win.

Gun control: I'll just say it right off the bat, getting rid of all guns is stupid. The United States was founded on armed militia, your right to bear arms should not be revoked. However, regulation and restriction is still necessary. I believe you should have the right to own as many firearms as you want, starting at age 18. You need to undergo training, take a psychiatric evaluation test, and need a license/permit to own your firearms. Every 3 years you need to take another mental health/psychiatric evaluation test, and if you do not meet requirements you shall lose your firearm license.

Environmental concern and climate change: This is a massive issue I believe is being under-represented and or looked at by the United States government. I believe federal funding should be allocated to slow down the process. This is a massive issue that I shall try to break down.

Fossil fuel car industry: The most well known factor to climate change, this is a massive issue. Over 95% of cars driven nowadays are fossil fuel powered, which is a massive contributor to climate change. I believe the best way to combat this is through policy and incentive. To be blunt, I believe car industries should receive a warning that if by 2025 they haven't totally converted away from fossil fuel, they should be forcefully shut down and their company partitioned between the government and stockholders. This just means that any future car production models have to be alternatively powered- not past models that aren't in production. This would greatly reduce the cost of electric and hydrogen powered vehicles, inevitably to the point that getting an alternative energy car would be cheaper than their fossil fuel counter-parts. This would incentivize consumers to purchase these cars over fossil fuel cars. To speed up the process, I believe that at least until 2025, there should be a tax credit reward for buying a alternative energy car. A little bonus to incentivize the consumer. Coal refineries and other outdated means of energy extraction: Another large issue that contributes is our outdated means of energy extraction. Coal is really the one I want to focus on. Currently, Pres. Trump is trying to revitalize the coal industry in hopes of economic boom. This is a massive issue. Coal is finite, when it runs out it will badly crash the American economy. Coal is also incredibly radioactive and smoggy. Coal contributes to a large part of our pollution. Increasing coal mines will continue hurting our planet, here's what I say we do. The coal industry off the bat is already fraudulent, coal mines rarely ever meet OSHA standards and regulations, so that's already a massive issue to the common worker. I believe coal mines and companies should be disbanded, but there is a solution to not fuck over the workers and to create mass unemployment. During the Great Depression there was an act passed by Pres. F.D.R- The Tennessee Valley Authority Act (TVA). The purpose was to increase the amount of hydroelectric dam, electricity output in general, economic development, and food supply of the Tennessee Valley. This was during the Great Depression which left a lot of people unemployed. What the government essentially did was train these people to work these jobs, and would employ them there. So if you were a broke farmer in 1937, you could apply under this to learn how to help run a hydroelectric dam, then get employed at one- which payed a hell of a lot better. I essentially purpose we do this. Coal workers, say in West Virginia, should get the training to work solar, wind, nuclear, and all kinds of renewable energy jobs. That way when the coal industry collapses they can all move to new jobs- that pay way better. I do also take the move towards Nuclear Fusion to be the largest prospect, I believe Nuclear Fusion plants should be a government subsidized project. NF is incredibly efficient and ironically, a lot less radioactive than coal. I believe Nuclear is the future.

Policies: I believe there are not enough policies against pollution. I believe we should mandate heavy restrictions on how much of a carbon footprint a company can make. However, I am not perfect on this topic- so I'm not gonna talk about policies in great depth.

Immigration: America is the land of immigrants, and that is vital. I believe our current immigration system is an absolute failure and a disgraceful to our immigration stance.. The issue is that the requires to become nationalized are too heavy and take way too long. My Polish family in the U.K will have to wait a decade before they even get a reply on their citizenship request. However I do also disagree with the immediate nationalization of foreign aliens, and understand they are illegal. Here's what I believe should happen. First off, if you want to apply to live in the U.S, you should get accepted almost immediately. However, when you come here, you have to live up to certain standards. When you come here, until you are nationalized you are not allowed to use or access American social programs, you are independent, but you still pay taxes. In your first 5 years you shall not commit any crimes, you must get a stable job, and you must live in a "permanent" residency. If you fail any of these requires after 5 years you will be deported. However if you have a stable job, have committed no crimes, and live in a legally documented residency, you should be granted immediate citizenship. As you are nationalized you shall get access to all American social programs. I believe this is a pleasing solution. Liberals are happy because foreigners can get instant access into the United States, and Conservatives are happy because they're not illegal and have to work up to their citizenship, which would nullify the need of D.A.C.A. I believe this is the best compromise.

Budgeting: https://imgur.com/a/lqhu8 This is a pie chart of the U.S spending in 2015. There are some key issues. I won't discuss this one for too long because I'm tired of typing and that'd take about 11,000 words to complete. But to point out some main issues: Military- The United States is threatened by nobody at this point, with the backing of N.A.T.O we are not threatened. Here is what I think is the best solution here- 15.88% of the annual budget was spent on military. I believe that should be reduced down to 7%-mainly on military equipment, not paychecks. That'd still be ~$300,000,000,000- more than enough. I say we redistribute this spending to other things. I believe 150 billion should go to Science/NASA. Increasing the annual budget there to 180 billion. I believe the rest should go debt removal. In 2017 the debt increase was 672 billion, with this bonus the annual debt removal fund would go up to 380 billion. Nowhere near perfect, but it would severely slow down the deficit black hole that is the U.S government. (for the record I know I need to improve upon this area; I did it quickly)

LGBT rights: I'll make this one quick. Anyone LGBT has the same rights and responsibilities as a non-LGBT person. This includes right to adoption, marriage, etc- but also military conscription if necessary- things like that. Full rights.

Abortion: I'll make this one really quick, I'm fully pro-choice, PP should continue to be funded and there should be no federal or state ban on abortion, period.

(also hey this in two parts cause' it's too long)

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