fwd: Stop White Genocide

Having a will to have someone leave your country is in no way akin to having a will to exterminate them and I am glad we can agree on this point. It is very much the same as the black Americans, many people in the south would like nothing better than to force them to leave even though they have just as much right to be there as anyone else. The problem I face with all of this however is that people will look at the situation of white south Africans, which is not as good as under apartheid of course where the majority of the country was close to free labor, and they will compare it as being even worse than the situation of blacks in the southern united states. It is not even close, we know that when slavery ended they virtually reestablished it by condemning black life in the south as illegal allowing them to arrest a black man standing on a street corner for loitering and throw him on a chain gang where, again, his labor would be free to be exploited. This sort of thing still happens today and that is why even though black people smoke weed at the same percentage rates as whites, they are 5 times more likely to be arrested for it and given harsh sentencing. It is a legacy of not just racism but racism applied. White south Africans have never and never will be officially targeted in that manner. That is not even to mention that many of the mining contacts that make south Africa a partially well off state are held within boar families with no possibility of that changing and the government is not trying to change that. some people are, but to characterize the country by those people is not accurate.

South Africa really is a unique case but not necessarily in the way you mention. Khoisans where there. They where there for millennia before the dutch and the Zulu but they where there non the less. The dutch did not take command of an empty landscape, a lot of the conflict between them and the Zulu come from to empires conflicting over Khoisan land with the Zulu pushing them south and the dutch pushing them north. It is very akin to America as you mention because because like the native americans, it was a successful combined campaign of mass extermination and mass forced migration of the Khoisan groups.

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