FYI Amazon hosts,,,,, and Google hosts (including offering DDOS protection via and

I didnt say they were good people. Im sorry my opinion hurt you so much. I watch CNN 24/7. I am a 15 year registered democrat. Im a gay man. I attended both of Obama's acceptance speeches. I vehemently denounce any and all things Trump.

I said we cant shut down things we disagree with. I didnt even make a comment on the content on those providers but spoiler alert, I dont like agree or condone anything they do. One step frther, I would even say I DO think Fox has a bloody hand in what happened but Donald Trump did this and he did this at the highest level possible. Fox nazis capitalized. Fox will pay their price. GOP reps will pay their price but we will too if we allow their fantactical ideology infest us too.

Im not even mad or upset with you. I feel your pain. I find myself bloodlusted at times as well. Lets bring all of these traitorss to justice and lets do it together. But we must be better than them.

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