Gabriel Batistuta: "Higuaín's time is up and it's Icardi's turn now"

Valid reasons with the old squad tbf. This is mostly a new team so they probably don't care about his history with Maxi Lopez and his wife and the bad atmosphere that whole debacle might've generated. Perfect time for him to join now as the team's going through a renewal.

But the man has scored 1 goal in 8 match appearances - so let's not get ahead of ourselves. Icardi and Dybala were both being somewhat critisized in the media already, and just because they score and the team wins doesn't mean they're not all just 1 loss or 1 goalless match away from being critisized in the media once more. That's just how the Argentinian media-circus works. That pressure will build and they might end up the same as their old teammates - hopefully not though.

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