Galaxy brain take.I don't even know what else to say to this.

Its a genuine reaction to a shitty world. Im surprised there aren't more people who think like this openly. It might just be the severe depression talking. Who knows. I know there's flaws in my thinking but I dont have much evidence to dispute my thinking. People can tell me all about how I'm wrong but the universe hasn't deemed me worthy of any of the nice things on offer so I don't have any hands on experience with how good life can be. I havent had any real irl friends in a long time, my heath is failing, I dont make enough money to breath, let alone anything else. Ive never had a proper night out, even to a restaurant in years and there's no way out of it short of a miracle. So yes, my life situation has led me to think somewhat like this, even if its a little exaggerated.

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