The Galaxy S6 edge has grabbed 50% of all new Samsung Galaxy S6 sales

That system is roughly $1652 if you spec it out to be equivalent to the $2499 MBP, maybe closer to $1900 if the non-IGZO display doesn't have equivalent viewing angles (but I wouldn't know). The size seems fine. It's not as thin as the rMBP but it's not really that big or ugly. That's honestly the best price I have EVER seen for a computer with those specs, so color me impressed. The lack of in-town service is a big downside (I can't have my computer be out of commission for more than a few days, ever), and I am sure that the out-of-town service won't be nearly on par with Apple's, but honestly I guess I'd say it might not be worth almost another $1000 for that. I've been burned by a lot of smaller shops in the past having abysmal service, so it's always a concern, but then again there's always external insurance.

I dunno, I really might buy one of these (or similar) once Skylake hits. Thanks for the tip! I'd checked almost every one of the major (and a lot of minor) vendors before my last purchase and missed this store. Have you purchased a computer from this specific retailer before?

And as for:

Sacrificing unneeded functionality for aesthetics isn't necessarily a bad thing. But paying more because you did so is, in my opinion.

I guess I would say that it depends on how much money you have and how much more you are paying. If I were making double or triple my current salary, for example, I probably WOULD buy a Chromebook Pixel or the new MacBook just because they'd be a nice luxury to take on trips. Some people I know could be making millions and they'd never buy any computer over $1000 regardless. If someone who struggles to pay rent takes out a loan to get a MacBook Retina instead of a cheap Chromebook or another lower-end machine, they are an idiot. It's all relative.

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