Game 0 Cabins etup

We are currently putting together a draft 1 map, and adding things in as cabin captains are identified.

This is what we have so far. Let me know if there's a conflict or a preference that we can noodle things around for:

(Innis) (Jen C is CC) = 20

Unaffiliated (Kitty VD is the Captain) = 21

Rourke (Stephen E is CC) = 22

Combined Overflow (TBA CC)=23

Corveaux (James Y is CC) = 28

(Richter) Varga (Mark B is CC) = 25

Aragon (Josh D is CC) = 26

Hale/Aragon overflow (Luke B is CC) = 27

Cirque (TBA CC)= 41

(Blayne) Magnus (Amber L is Cabin Captain) = 40

Unassigned = 38, 39

Magnus/Blayne is the only house not in the area with the other houses, but it's thematically appropriate enough that I'm not going to keep fighting people for the spot (shrug)

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