The Game Earraped Me. (Headphone users beware)

So this just happened out of nowhere for the first time. Before you ask, I checked the leaderboard, and no players' mics were going off. I alt-tabbed out of the game and the sound stopped, and there were no other programs running, not even Discord. Went back to the game, the sound came back. Hit escape to leave the game, then the sound stopped again when I was in that screen. Went back to the game, then the sound came back. Left the game, then the sound started again in the main menu. Just quit the game entirely, then the sound stopped again. I'm scared to start the game again lmao.

I don't know what caused this, and I'm sure it's REALLY rare anyways, but I just had to share this. My computer is fucking possessed or something. Send help pls

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