This game is a nightmare for new players

Existential fallacy. Just because they are using /muteall in the game with me, does not necessitate that they use /muteall in every game. They are not somehow better skilled.

Really that's your retort? OK, let's say they don't use /muteall in all of their games, let's say only half. That means that their overall ranking is reflective of the average of either using mute or not using mute across all their games. If in the games which they /muteall, they suffer increased loss rates, as opposed to the games where they don't mute and have increased win rates, then their elo will average out. Now you find them in one of your games. They necessarily have to be better than you (see: effectively better at winning in a higher elo bracket) if their average game puts them at your current elo, assuming enough games to be statistically significant have been played on both sides (within the margin of error).

Should you really be trying to convince me that people who use /muteall would exchange Skype information with me?

Where do I say that people who use /muteall would ever want to exchange Skype info with you? I would think it would be completely opposite. You made the argument that not communicating in all manners (pings + text chat) hinders a teams ability to operate effectively, but by not at least attempting to get your team on Skype for even further enhanced communication, then you are effectively not using a tool which significantly increases your chances to win. Where's your self-criticism?

Straw man. Do not misrepresent my arguments. I would not criticize people who refuse to use their mics because there are many reasons not to use a microphone. There is no reason not to use a keyboard (except that your feelings may be fragile

It's not a straw man, for it to be a straw man, I would (wrongly) state your position instead of asking if you are someone who fits into the category of person I describe, by phrasing it as a question, which I did.
Feelings aside, toxicity is very prevalent in league and can be terribly distracting for people. It can easily pull you out of a focused state and make you feel you need to respond to certain criticism in defense of yourself. Example. TheKillerDude [all]: Hey everyone report this guy on my team he's intentionally feeding and being toxic.
You weren't being toxic and you made some unlucky plays and now your team is flaming you. You don't have to care about the insults to be distracted by their text. It can quickly pull your mind out of the game and reduce your desire to win, effectively making you worse. This happens a lot in toxic games and it's not just about getting your feelings hurt.

These people may want to win, but they don't value teamwork, communication, and coordination in a team-based game. It could be for any reason: they value their feelings, they get emotionally destroyed by a single sentence, or they don't know how important coordination can be.

Or perhaps they've been playing this game long enough to know how distracting negativeness in chat is for their focus, and are overall making a greater contribution to the team by not getting tilted by chat and therefore playing horribly, than muting everyone and focusing on playing effectively though pings and map-awareness. You forgot that one.

I think you agree with me that /muteall can cause more losses, so we both know that /muteall is a detriment to the team's strength.

Assuming a player does it simply because they don't want to have to read anything, and it isn't for the reason I stated just above, then yeah in most cases they're going to be hurting the team overall.

The people I notice use /muteall consistently pull the dumbest moves on the team.
...but I don't think you really understand how they work.

If someone were arguing for the benefits of /muteall, and they said "the people I notice use /muteall consistently pull the best moves on the team", and used that to justify why muting everyone is so great, you would (and should) call them out for such an anecdotal statement.

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