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Hello Guys, I am referring to MatPat (The Game Theorists) episode on minecraft where they try to prove using real world physics that Minecraft's earth is spherical. But there are many things that are questionable about that video: If the minecraft earth was spherical than you would be able to travel in one direction and ultimately reach your starting point. Minecraft's world is infinitely generated. He uses Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation as part of his reasoning and then a few minutes later says that the "skies" (he meant the space around the earth) were moving around the Earth. Which is contradictory and utter rubbish because the main reason why the Earth orbits the Sun IRL is because of.... you guessed it! Newton's law of universal gravitation. It is virtually impossible for the sun, other stars and the moon to orbit the Earth if he is Using Newton's law as reasoning. He mentions that if the Minecraft Earth is cubed then the gravitational force experienced by all masses throughout the planet would not be constant unlike how it is depicted in the game. This point backfires because we can obviously see that the sun and the moon are square shaped, which means that: a. It is impossible for the Earth to be spherical because you would see different "stages" of the sun where you can see its edges and whatnot, and there would be different light distributions across the Earth's surface", or you see is the face of the sun, never it's edges. b. More proof that the Earth is flat. I mean here is my theory on Minecraft's day/night cycle. There are an unlimited amount of suns that all travel in one direction and are lined up parallel to each other so you can visualise it as an assembly line of suns. They spawn in the horizon and dont rise up at all! In fact, they just spawn somewhere far far away from you and then travel at a super high velocity in one direction until they go out of range and there is no more light. The red light during sunset is just the effects of relatvistic doppler shift because the sun is travelling so fast. I mean, have you ever wondered why is it that on a faction's server everyone experiences day and night exactly the same? The sun always being in the same position for everyone? It is because the sun is "spawned" and there is one sun for every area in the minecraft server, and that they are made out of virtual particles so to make sure that the sun only spawns where no player is observing it! My theory would not be possible if the earth was a sphere. c. It is more accurate to use Galileo's approximated "flat earth" gravity to describe Minecraft's world rather than Newtonian gravity, Galileo's analogy (He knew well that the earth was not flat) would explain why gravity is constant thoughout MC's Earth whilst in addition also corrects the the stuff that I listed above and below... If you are in creative mode you can dig a hole and fall down the end. Flat minecraft world confirmed. In response to Matpat's actions to go "oh, there is gravity in mineraft! Let us use real world gravity!", Minecraft also abides by the laws of Length Contraction in Relativity. Because 1 block in the nether i equivalent to 16 blocks in the overworld. Length contraction can then be used to derive time dilation. Ok, here is the experiment, use command blocks or a server plugin to have 2 players carry copies of the same clock, have one player dig down to bedrock level and the other stay on ground level. Have both players walk in the same direction for 10 minutes, making sure that they start the clocks simultaneously at the beginning. Now check both clocks after the 10 minutes is finished, you will find that even if the clock records to the trillion trillionth decimal digit then the clocks will have the same reading, This would not work in a spherical planet. But it would in a flat world. Sry for the wall of text but I can list 10 more things that he was missing. It is obvious here that Minecraft's earth is more likely to be flat earth (Not cubical, but literally a flat planet with infinite surface area and a 255 block "height" (Because 255 is the build limit altitude).

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