[Game Thread] Appalachian State @ Tennessee (7:30PM ET)

Feel like App State had them by the balls and poor game management / play calling fucked them.

Funny because I really got the opposite impression.

The no TD in the first quarter seemed like it really took the wind out of UT's sails. The sideline reporter even made mention that she'd heard players saying as much after it happened.

Tennessee couldnt get momentum going again until the 25ish yardish pass on 3rd down in the 2nd quarter. Then they followed that right up with a 9 yard run. Mo was back on their side for a second until the refs blew that play dead and in what I believe is an unprecedented action, they deleted the fact that a play happened (the 9 yard rush) in order to review a previous play. Then their offense really fell into the doldrums.

The playcalling certainly didnt hurt, I'm armchairing here so I cant claim to know as much as DeBord but it felt like he was being pretty conservative in a moment when they really needed to get something going. Finally when they hit that pass for their first counted touchdown, the defense seemed to really come alive and they closed the game out.

I mean it was almost too little too late but their defense came alive after they got their first touchdown to the point where I felt like calling the game on that series.

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