Game Thread: Houston Astros (3-3) @ Los Angeles Dodgers (3-3) - Nov 1, 2017, 7:00 PM

I think this might be the last day I'm on reddit ever again. This subreddit is a cool place with good people, but this whole Yuli incident has really reminded me just how much of the userbase of this website is smarmy and nasty and only interested in mindless arguing.

Yuli did a stupid and offensive thing and he deserved the punishment for it. But the response on this website, particularly r/baseball, has been disgraceful. The wishing of sadistic violence on Yuli, the talk of wishing Houstonians suffer, saying over and over and over again that every single Astros fans is racist, and on and on and on, when even Darvish himself said everybody should move past hatred. It's stomach-churning.

At this point it's not even addressing the act anymore, it's just being used as an excuse to dredge up hatred against Astros fans to piss people off. People post crap like "Houston fans are racist. It should be easy to pick a team to root for in this World Series" and "No wonder people are starting to hate Astros fans" and endless, endless hoops to jump through for Astros fans to "prove" they aren't racist when the overwhelming majority of Astros fans already denounced Yuli's behavior repeatedly. Astros fans clap for Yuli? "THE ONLY POSSIBLE REASON THEY DID THAT IS THAT THEY ALL SUPPORT RACIAL HATRED BLARGABLARGGHHHHH I HOPE HOUSTON DROWNS AND NO WONDER EVERYONE HATES TEXAS AND ALL ASTROS FANS AND THE ENTIRE ORGANIZATION IS RACIST BLAARRGGHHHH!"

It seems that much of the core userbase of this website is stuck in permanent smarmy, self-righteous masturbatory rage mode 24/7 and it's a chore to read through the comments on most of the subreddits. A lot of them are probably arrogant kids who think they know everything or people who just want to stir up fights or who knows what else. Because happy, mentally healthy people don't obsessively post hateful garbage on the internet on a daily basis. Sports and politics subreddits are particularly disgusting because there's so much tribal hatred that people are totally incapable of rational discussion. And that doesn't even get to the other issue that makes this website suck, which is having to read through the same lame jokes over and over again ("I'm a simple man. I see X, I upvote.") Ohhh, so funny! Never seen that joke before. Broken arms, amirite! The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table! Aren't I funny and clever, guys!

This particular sub is well-run and fun and full of good people and I love watching the games with y'all. But this website isn't good for my mental health anymore. Maybe I'll change my mind after some time away. But this website, and many of the people on it, sucks. This incident has poisoned this World Series for me, and that's really unfortunate. Reddit is reaching YouTube comments level-bad at this point.

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