Game Thread: Mets @ Braves - 7:35 2018/04/19

this sub is so stupid. I could literally type anything and it will get upvotes. Everyone here just upvotes blindly without any real appreciation for my comedic genius nor my nightclub insight. The mods really need to step up enforcement and make sure that all the discussion stays on topic. I don’t want to hear about Gwinnett Stripper dancers... this is the ATLANTA BRAVES game thread. If you want to discuss exotic dancers, there is a sub for that. If you want to discuss the commercials, there is a sub for that. This sub should be for REAL in depth discussion of the game at hand. I am going to start my own sub and I am going to call it /r/ and we will have a test before you are allowed to post anything. We should be talking about the launch angle of a dancer's bust, or the pictures you try to talk them into (if you don’t know what that's about don’t @ me, you cant come to my new sub). There are probably 2 other people on this sub worthy of joining my new sub. Only comment if you are ready for some real, in depth, ladies taking off clothes for money talk.

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