Game Thread: Pittsburgh Penguins (11-5-3) at New York Rangers (14-5-1) - 23 Nov 2016 - 07:00PM EST

I don't wish to escalate anything -- rather, here are my two cents.

There is some work is being done behind the scenes. As you mentioned yourself, there is only so much that can be done especially if the user is posting outside the sub. I believe the mods in the other subs are aware of what the individual is doing, because many of their posts do not show up in the thread. Only if you click on their user profile can you see it, which works, cause basically no one will be linked to the profile. Further, it's more of a Reddit technicality we can't control.

One reason why we don't want the name posted is because it's also at the request of the person in charge of the stream. They've simply stated if you see them posting, just report/down vote the comment. Yes, we can still provide the name and we realize that not everyone will witch hunt the guy but you can't exactly control the individuals who do choose to witch hunt. We think it would only make things worse. Moreover, we can actually loosely monitor their activities if we have their username, as opposed to them making further accounts, etc.

Sorry if there seems to be any friction between the users + mods. Honestly, we're trying to do what we can but as mentioned, it's a bit difficult since things are occurring outside the sub. Your understanding is appreciated.


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