GAME THREAD: Portland Trail Blazers (21-18) @ Oklahoma City Thunder (22-18) - (January 09, 2018)

Every scheme has its strengths and weaknesses. The way they defend the pick and roll right now focuses on shutting down the ball handler and checking the perimeter at the expense of leaving a bit of window for the roll man. That puts some pressure on the likes of Roberson, Melo and George to do something about the roll, but would you rather give Curry space or let Zaza drive from the top of the key? Even today, Nurkic only had 20 from 15 FGA, you can definitely live with that.

You say theres no call for such an agressive double on EVERY PNR, but thats the scheme. Thats the defense that shut down Houston and Golden State this season and if the Thunder are going to make any noise in the playoffs thats how theyre going to do it. Instead of taking the time to practice another defensive scheme to switch to in the rare matchups like this where they have the personnel to target it, Donovan is just forcing the likes of Melo and Fergusson to keep running the scheme and get better at it. By the time they get to the playoffs that practice should have payed off and they'll be better at running it.

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