Game Thread: San Jose Sharks (15-14-2) at Florida Panthers (14-9-5) - 08 Dec 2019 - 05:00PM EST

Here's my spicy hot take for the game:

The Panthers will continue to have a greatly improved season compared to previous years, and they will go on to win multiple cups and become the undisputed champions of the NHL. Ticket prices will increase dramatically, and all the fans who are there today supporting the half-empty arena will no longer be able afford tickets.

Demand will be so high that they will move to a brand new waterfront arena in Miami, but when the season begins, their star players will either leave to better contracts or will succumb to injuries rendering the entire season useless. Attendance slowly slips again, the team is dead last in the league, and the entire organization searches for their hopes and dreams at the bottom of every bottle night after night after night.

(this game is clearly keeping my attention)

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