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This sub never ceases to amaze me. Earlier today I was seeing a bunch of r/nba users playing doctor. Most of the shit seemed incredibly stupid. Fortunately though, those shit takes were nothing compared to this brilliant comment

I'm with Chuck on this one. In another series you have Harden with a fucking hurt eye who's still being a leader on his team and motivating his roster to overcome a 2-0 series lead and hell Curry is clearly hurt but is still putting in massive effort even if he's missing shots he normally makes but Embiid looks like he doesn't even want to be out there.

This actually had hundreds of upvotes. I didn't think I'd ever have to explain this but injuries and diseases are not the same thing. Harden's eye injury is not the same as an upper respiratory infection. Curry's dislocated finger is not the same as gastroenteritis. If Chris Bosh wasn't beloved by r/nba, I guarantee some of these fucks would be giving him shit for retiring for his blood clotting issues.

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