Give this game time…

Yea and that's still less buggy than a 2021 game released now.

New world right now
- Shit/laggy PvP
- Constant game crashes from corruption portals
- Broken tier 5 staff
- Outpost rush disabled because broken
- Hidden gearscore watermark, which is an awful system for gearing. That revolves around spamming zerg elite/chests every 24hours. (not a bug but a shit system)
- Terrible bank/auction house system (worse than wows) so idk why you are brining up classic storage.
- A terribly done job with resources and crafting, everything is spam the tier 1 recipes because it's most efficient.

Like you are straight up delusional and this is someone who played original classic.

This game has 6 dungeons, classic released with 17 (if we count SM as 1). It also had way more zones, more questlines, voice lines actually done and just a huge variety of mobs/areas.

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