Game Update Notes - March 31, 2015

NEW FEATURES AND CONTENT Moved the Player vs. Player guide up into Level 3 Rewards. BALANCE, BUG-FIXING, POLISH General Fixed a bug that delayed damage from falling. Fixed an issue that caused the camera position to snap when it was used with a horizontal or vertical offset. Fixed an issue that decreased the size of the loading-screen art. Fixed an issue that prevented the field of view from resetting to the specified value when loading a map. Fixed bug in which text appeared green in chat bubbles created by player chat. Fixed a bug that could result in characters permanently keeping stealth on death. Items Rings of the Sun-God sold by Qoetl in Sparkfly Fen are now rings. Plant Dog Transformations now correctly change characters into plant dogs. Fixed a bug that prevented the first tier of spear, harpoon gun, and trident recipes from being discoverable. Runes of the Adventurer now use the correct icon in PvP. Profession Skills Guardian Flashing Blade: This ability is no longer able to be used in midair. Elite Focus: Updated the facts of this trait to indicate the correct stability duration and interval of application. Necromancer Vampiric Rituals: This trait no longer triggers on siege doors. Foot in the Grave: This trait will now allow the necromancer to break stuns when entering death shroud. Structured Player vs. Player Fixed a bug that prevented the Silverwastes Reward Track from being set as the active reward track. Fixed a bug in which using /join on a player queued for PvP with a party would remove the party from the queue. BLACK LION TRADING COMPANY GEM STORE New Items and Promotions The Aviator Quaggan Mail Carrier is now available in the Upgrades category of the Gem Store for 500 gems. The Mad Scientist’s Harvesting Tool is now available in the Special category of the Gem Store for 1000 gems. Improvements Black Lion Chests have received the following updates: The drop rate of Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps has been increased. The drop rate of Teleport to Friend items has been increased. Toxic Dye Kits, Deathly Dye Kits, Metallurgic Dye Kits, and Taimi’s Dye Kits have been removed. The Mini Super Monkey, Mini Super Spider, Mini Super Bee Dog, Mini Super Yeti, Mini Super Raccoon, and Mini Super Banana have been added as rare drops. Glint’s Winter Dye Kits, Shadow Dye Kits and Crimson Lion Dye Kits have been added as rare drops.

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