This Game Is Wonderful. Shame About The EA Loot Boxes & Crafting Materials System

Indeed, I’m level 20 and I can no longer get apex packs, I don’t know what level I can get more, but I heard that you can overall get 45 apex packs out of 100 levels. Clearly they want you to buy the Loot boxes. And the in game currency is useless, you get can’t buy anything else beside legends and weapons skins that you have to buy with real money first. I love the game so far but they need to make the stuff more accessible. I will support the game and buy loot boxes but overall it needs to be more friendly consumer. A battle pass would be awesome and more skins in the item shop. And I feel like the item shop should rotate every 2-3 days, not 2 weeks (including the weapon skins)

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