Gamefreak on Breath Of The Wild style Pokémon game on Nintendo Switch

But it IS best suited to going out and catching Pokemon! You could use your Pokemon and their abilities in real-time as your sword and other Pokemon out in the wild as the enemies to fight and capture, then train. You would be able to walk around the world with a squad of 1-5 Pokemon following behind your trainer or in their pokeballs if you need to be alone for whatever gameplay reason asks for it.

As you explore the lush world fill with Pokemon out in their natural habitats you could travel with your squad of caught Pokemon across the land then switch at will to control any of the Pokemon and use their different unique elemental abilities in real-time for fighting & puzzles etc with a game-world/environment based on physics & interactions like BOTW.

The fighting and battles would be in real-time but once you use an attack or ability it has to charge up, so it would be a mix between real-time and turn-based fighting also using Zelda's lock-on system. You would also have the ability to change Pokemon at will during fights to better fit either what the wild Pokemon is using for its attacks, or what Pokemon your opponent trainer in using at any given time during a battle.

Imagine getting in an intense battle with a wild pokemon and switching from pikachu to charizard mid fight then literally controlling charizard and using him to fly up in the air high as fuck with the clouds, then looking down and locking-on the small Pokemon speck on the ground, then using an epic dive bombing attack on it and at the last second when you are close as fuck to the ground you use your fire breathing ability to scorch the earth and roast the Pokemon opponent beneath you all in real-time while the surrounding tall grass and trees and vegetation all burn (like BOTW) around your Pokemon as he strikes a hero pose in the victory of battle.

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