Gameplay session to show I'm not hacking (Sorry for the quality, it's still processing)

Sinist I honestly don't know what to do here. I killed you 3 times at Howling Pass because you jumped into the C Building as a LA which was already full of VS. When I killed you in yesterdays play session I didn't even realize that was you until I was looking at the video. Again you ran into a building full of VS and right into my liner of fire.


I send to you on the first night, you've killed me tons of times before, I just caught you in a bad spot. I don't see why your ego is so bruised.


I'm literally just killing guys who are running straight at me without firing 90% of the time. When you ran into that room last night I was already firing at the body being revived I had to move my mouse about a mm to hit you.


You only knew about me as of Saturday night, that was one new character, I deleted it twice within the same day when I contemplated making a new one but thought you might give up. Then I made another yesterday just to record some play time so people could see where the 10 KDR comes from.


The mention of my stats was only because as far as I've seen the hackers have had super high crazy KD's and KPM. If you're that caught up in thinking I'm hacking how about give me the chance to prove I'm not? I'll gladly record or stream while I play a character provided I don't have to deal with you killing me repeatedly every few minutes.


Saying all that I know you can't admit to me not being a hacker so you'll never back off. For what it's worth I don't blame you there have been subtle hackers in this game, it's been proven before and honestly before running into you I actually sided with your claims on reddit about that. It was a factor in me trying to chase stats like 10-12 KD with 2+ KPM, I wanted to know if it was possible without cheating. I've spent lots of time analyzing players who achieve that or near that and asking how they do it and trying to get there myself.


So what would you have me do in this scenario? I'm not going to quit playing, I can easily just play under a same name and continue about my day.

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