Gameplay session to show I'm not hacking (Sorry for the quality, it's still processing)

I just watched your clip on Twitch, I don't know, that scene is in my game play session video and everything looks fine on my end. I'm playing from Toronto. Ontario my ping ranges anywhere from the 40s to high 60's. Just checked my connection speed it's 193.72 down 16.54 up. I've never once had anyone send me a tell or say anything about me lagging or warping ever. I'm pretty sure this is an issue on your end or in the game?


I've explained over and over why I'm not using the same account. I can log into my other accounts and show you the directive points and decal from one year anniversary or seasonal items I've purchased?


Every hakusation I receive is someone saying nice aim bot. Yet every time I had shot them in the back in the middle of a zerg?


Go create a new character and only burst fire at bodies CQC to BR 10 or 15, I guarantee you can easily achieve a 30-40% overall ACC with the Orion that way. You've got more than enough playtime and game experience to know all the usual pathways and hiding spots the enemy takes, it shouldn't be hard to get a high KD if you play conservatively.


You know how people have tried to make passive characters where they try and get to BR 100 with only revives or repairs? I was just trying to get to see how far I could get on a character without dying. It's not easy sometimes, I'd take a break play the character for a bit then logout delete the character and try again over and over for a few hours.


I went to Connery hoping to join FCRW, they tell people who's stats don't meet their requirements to make a new one and get the required stats to apply. I saw no reason in me keeping the old one so I deleted it and started from there. That's when I first started deleting and re-rolling trying to get the stats. Eventually I had been doing that so much I started to just enjoy that more.


Again people started messaging me so much about my directives and re-rolling and I'd explain to them that I was just making a character for fun trying to see how far I could go without dying etc. Once people knew that they were making it their aim to stop me. So I just made different names to try and get to my goal.


Like I said I've never had anyone say anything about me lagging or warping. In my video it's not that way but in yours it is. We all know the servers are shit sometimes and the games has more than it's share of bugs. Couldn't that have been one of them? If you're saying I look like that all of the time this is the first I've ever heard of it is all I'm saying.


You do realize that members of the AC, DA, FCRW, OO, Hive and other high tier infantry players pull between 8-10 KD on a regular basis despite having 3-5 KD on their player pages for characters they've played since launch. Go look at recent KPH and KDR of above average players on the DA Stats page and you'll see exactly that.

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