Gamer Epiphany on Capitalism ...

Gaming at its core is media which is a form of free-speech. Does Capitalism or Socialism support free speech? Neither is for or against it. The trick is that both sides are fooled into thinking that these separate concepts have a direct relationship. One seeks to protect free speech for Feminists, Trans-rights, and Diversity. The other seeks a return to old fashion values and traditionalism with more lax policies on humor and sexual content, however contradictory.

Games are returning to their dark ages. Micro-transactions have been around since Coin-Op games sold us individual lives! If you continue to buy bad games corporations can continue to make them, If you support a niche market en masse then it becomes mainstream and competitive. Capitalism only supports what is bought or paid for. I don't know if there is such a thing as socialist game development but I think that if Marx was applied gaming would not exist in its current form because it is not a necessity.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

If that were the case all games would be educational, training simulations, or propaganda. (*Treyarch would probably still exist...)

Here is the catch. Ditch politics and get into the mod community and contribute directly! Make art and music and learn to program. The only way to see exactly what you want in the game is to make it. I don't care which side of the fence you are on. If you aren't creative pick an indie comic or book you like and make it a game. You don't have to beg or protest the big developers. Make your own!

I really like League of Maidens as an example of this. It's a custom waifu MMO with great graphics. It does what it does unapologetically. If the gaming left did this kind of thing imagine a game about Hong Kong's Protests or a game about climate change that was as gripping as The Last of Us. Media IS Propaganda. Everything written has an agenda. If less people were whining and more people spent their time making games in Unity we would have more content diversity from more points of view.

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