GamerGahzi doesn't allow questions. Will you guys help a new person out?

I would just like to say that GamerGhazi is a subreddit that was made to "mock us", which results in alot of smearing and dehumanization of us. We aren't bigots, homophobes, misogynists, and while we may have SOME right wingers(ie. somebody I used to subscribe to for GG-related content before he stopped due to lack of time, Daddy Warpig, I believe is a Conservative/right wing), but the biggest part that we are on the political spectrum is left-libertarian.

I'd say I'm subscribed to more women on youtube who are pro-GG who are women than I am men. Some examples of women are Socks, aka NEET LIFE or @Rinaxas on twitter who does the "Dead Gamers Talking" podcast and GamerGate Happenings Recap videos. Video Culture Replay Blog who is as the name implies, she's a video blogger but alot of the topics she brings up are related to GG but its more of her giving her thoughts. JennieBharaj though she hasn't done much youtube content because I assume she's busy setting up BasedGamer, a user-driven reviewing aggregate site that was fundraised. Liana K is neutral but she talks alot about GG-related stuff that I like listening to, fairly harsh at times. Mercedes Carrera though she doesn't post on youtube much, she's somebody that I highly respect whenever she DOES post a video or if I see her in a podcast. There are probably others but those are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. KiteTales as well though she doesn't touch on GG directly all the time(here's an example of where she subtly touches on GG in a video:

There are lots of people who are pro-GG that I'm subscribed to on youtube who are not white, ie. LeoPirate, Lo-Ping, Several of the women I just listed, Oliver Campbell, etc.

The thing is: I don't subscribe to people because of their gender ethnicity, I subscribe to them because I like what they have to say, which is subject to differ from person to person. I subscribe to them because I like their content. Only reason why I ever bring up ethnicity or gender is to try and prove how inclusive GG is.

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