#GamerGate Stream 3: in which Liana K actually calls her compatriots on their Ralph Retort hypocrisy

Basically, prominent GG talking heads on YouTube setup regular hours-long streams discussing GamerGate. It has been happening since the dawn of GG, and you get a lot of response videos, etc.

They tend to be exceptionally long, and they're like live podcasts for rallying the troops and organizing. While many have consistently said GG doesn't have leaders, they literally have recognized leading voices who have taken part in streams like this for the very intent of leading.

They bring on guests at times, but usually it's just like KiA threads but in audio form. I still remember one last year when Sargon of Akkad and King of Pol invited Jenni Goodchild on, and through just basic questioning and reason, she made them look like jokes. It was really embarrassing for them, but they blamed it on, as always, just not being prepared and feeling "ambushed" despite being the ones to start the conversations.

Along with these live videos, there tend to be live chats on YouTube at the same time which are full of basically YouTube comments/Twitch comments filtered through GG nonsense, leading to an especially acerbic, concentrated form of GG.

Many on YouTube have profited off of GG for months now, and keeping the hate train going is important to their business and personal popularity.

It appears this particular GamerGate stream invited Liana K and the other woman on in hopes of the usual circlejerking about how every GG conspiracy theory is valid and any failure is actually a win, but they actually seemed to try to be honest about some things, as Liana K has been at times.

I've not quite understood why she has wasted her time with GG, but I appreciate her gutsy response in this stream, strongly saying what many critics have been saying for months about core problems in GG which continue to undermine it.

I hope, in light of the ridiculous comments they made in the chat and after she left, she'll be able to avoid more of their wrath. Personally, any time I've ever tried to engage GG advocates and leaders with criticism or how things could improve, it has just fallen on deaf ears, seen little actual impact, and gotten myself harassed and threatened for even daring to try.

It'd be cool if many of those left in GG really thought about what she said, too. GG as a larger discordant group, though, has never seemed quite amenable to listening and learning from things.

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