[Gamers Nexus] We Exploded the AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D & Melted the Motherboard

I just built an new system a couple of weeks ago, thanks to the Micro Center bundles. I've got a 7900X (non-3D) and an Asus B650E-F. I'm beyond my return window, so what I have is what I have. With EXPO disabled and the RAM running at stock, the SOC hovers around 1.017 V, according to HWiNFO64. For the short time I did have EXPO enabled before all of this stuff started coming out, I don't believe the SOC went above around 1.27 V. A lot about voltages and overclocking goes over my head, as I've never done any of it manually before, but from what I've been reading, those voltages should be safe, correct? I'm just wondering if I need to be sad about permanent damage from having EXPO on for a little while. (I've also been updating my BIOS to every non-beta version that's become available.)

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