Games for Windows Live is to blame for Grand Theft Auto IV's removal off of Steam

What the comment that I replied to said made no sense, and my reply to that person in the context of their reply holds true in my opinion. I you aren't spending money on a good, but others are, the only opinions I hold valuable are those who are actually engaging with the system or have interest in engaging.

If you have no interest in buying something, or you've never bought said good, then what true value does your opinion have? I think it's stupid to spend thousands of dollars on jewelry. I would never do it. Other people love jewelry. So how valuable is my opinion? If you flip that and say I have bought jewelry, or that I am interested in doing so, but the cost is prohibitive I'd find the opinion actually of value.

The comment I replied to is essentially a complaint about how others choose to spend their money. It's worthless, and holds no value.

Saying you have more right to complain because you didn't spend money on a good makes no sense at all.

As for what kind of argument it is, it's not an argument. it's a logical line of reasoning.

An opinion only holds weight if it has substance. That comment didn't have substance monetarily or intellectually. It's empty. It's the equivalent of saying "I've never used blue paint so green paint is better".

Maybe that makes my point clearer. Personally I think if you are going out of your way to complain about something then make your complain worth hearing.

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